WaPo Reporters Snap Back at Each Other on Twitter

WaPo Reporters Snap Back at Each Other on Twitter

Leftist Media Reporters Are At Each Other’s Throats

(RepublicanNews.org) – Workplace drama happens at just about every job now and again. However, in today’s society, those conflicts often escalate much further than in the past. A few people working for The Washington Post (WaPo) recently realized the reality of that fact after duking it out with colleagues in a public space.

The drama all started with a retweet from WaPo journalist David Weigel. While Fox News alleges the post has since been deleted, Weigel apparently called all women “bi” and added that people just “have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.”

The journalist’s tweet ignited the ire of fellow WaPo colleague Felicia Sonmez. She sarcastically fired back that it was great to work for a company that allowed its employees to take such actions.

Sonmez’s tweet caught the attention of another co-worker, Jose Del Real, who labeled publicly calling out and harassing a fellow employee “inappropriate” and a bad look.

Del Real has since deleted his entire account in what he claims is an ongoing effort to de-escalate the situation. However, the removal merely stoked the fire. Sonmez fired back, claiming he was attacking her for calling out Weigel.

Sonmez has yet to let the matter go despite Weigel’s deletion of the tweet and added apology. As the drama continues to escalate, it may force WaPo to go corporate by issuing a suspension or even firing the people involved. Who will they side with if it comes down to that?

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