Warrants Issued for Arrest of Democrats Who Left Texas to Avoid Vote

Warrants Issued for Arrest of Democrats Who Left Texas to Avoid Vote

(RepublicanNews.org) – All too often these days, politics appears to be more of a pay-for-view grudge match than a well-intentioned effort on the part of lawmakers to come to agreements on how to advance measures of vital importance. Sadly, such is the current situation in the Texas Assembly, thanks to a group of unruly Democrats.

Late Tuesday, August 10, Texas’ Republican Speaker of the House Dade Phelan signed arrest warrants for a group of 52 Democrats who left the state in July to block the passage of a Republican-sponsored bill to protect future elections in the state.

An earlier effort to take the Democrats into custody failed. A lower court issued a temporary restraining order blocking Republicans from attempting to force Democrats to return to the state Capitol Building and reestablish the necessary quorum to vote on the election bill.

However, the Texas Supreme Court reversed that decision, and the Republican-led House voted to issue the civil arrest warrants by an 80 to 12 vote.

Democrats successfully ran out the clock on the measure in July by fleeing to Washington, DC. Undeterred, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott ordered a special session for the Texas House of Representatives to consider the measure starting on Saturday, August 7.

The Democrats won’t face any criminal charges if arrested. Still, the GOP-led Texas House can vote to impose fines on them for their misconduct.

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