Washington Post Refuses to Publish Trump’s Full Statements Without Censorship

Washington Post Refuses to Publish Trump's Full Statements Without Censorship

(RepublicanNews.org) – While media outlets and social platforms claim to be fair and deny censoring any specific groups of people, their actions sometimes say otherwise. Donald Trump is likely used to biased media, as he dealt with it throughout his presidency. Even now, the former president is the victim of censorship.

The Washington Post recently published a three-part series of its investigation into the January 6 incident, in which Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol. The Post claims it based its investigation on thousands of court documents, interviews, photographs, video, law enforcement reports and audio recordings. In the series’ introduction, the Post asserted that it provided the former president with 37 findings.

A spokesman for Trump, Taylor Budowich, sent a reply to the Post, which it claimed was lengthy, including controversial claims and that it wouldn’t post the response in full. The media outlet did admit that Trump’s response largely disagreed with its findings and called its report “fake news.”

The Washington Post will allow propaganda from liberals and other extremists on their site but won’t let a former President of the United States express their concerns and beliefs about the 2020 election. The public deserves to know what a former president and potential future presidential candidate have to say regardless of whether or not reporting agencies agree with them.

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