Washington Post Slams Biden for Incoming Blunder

Washington Post Slams Biden for Incoming Blunder

Left Leaning Media SLAMS Biden As a Loser -You Won’t Believe Why

(RepublicanNews.org) – President Biden is undoubtedly no stranger to political blunders; some Americans would point to inflation and gas prices as proof. Still, the media has overwhelmingly sided with him on many topics since he first stepped into power. One recent article published by The Washington Post (WaPo) suggests that stance is shifting.

In an op-ed first published on May 19, WaPo writer Josh Rogin expressed concern that Biden may be about to make a serious blunder by removing Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods. He pointed out that Biden mainly visited Asia recently to solidify that America is committed to the region and willing to stand up to China.

Rogin mentioned that many US businesses are asking the president to remove the Trump-era tariffs; they claim the shift would benefit America’s economy. However, the author has a very different opinion: He believes it would harm US-China relations, the American economy, and Biden’s political standing.

Some Americans have criticized President Biden for being weak on China, including former President Trump. Biden’s growing habit of removing Trump’s orders and policies, likely for the sake of optics, doesn’t help. That may be why Rogin saw fit to speak out.

Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen also recently spoke out on the same issue. But according to Rogin’s op-ed, she believes removing Trump’s tariffs would benefit the US by easing inflation.

Rogin said that approach is incorrect. If Biden removes the tariffs, he’ll prove President Trump right. He could even potentially tank the economy when American families are already struggling to provide for their families.

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