Wayne LaPierre Is Re-Elected as NRA’s CEO

Wayne LaPierre Is Re-Elected as NRA's CEO

Election Results Are In For The NRA CEO

(RepublicanNews.org) – The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently held a convention to confirm who will serve as the group’s CEO moving forward. Members ultimately decided to re-nominate and elect Wayne LaPierre, who has served in the same role since 1991. However, the NRA continues to face allegations of financial woes and complaints about its spending.

Money Is a Problem

The NRA has spent the last couple of years defending itself while simultaneously trying to correct financial struggles. New York Attorney General Letitia James vowed to dissolve the organization and, at one point, attempted to sue the group into the ground. The AG accused LaPierre and other executives of diverting millions of dollars for personal trips and engaging in shady business dealings, such as no-show contracts. James’ lawsuit eventually failed but heavily impacted the organization anyway.

LaPierre and other top officials continue to battle to keep their positions; a separate lawsuit currently seeks to remove them from the NRA. The organization also filed for bankruptcy in 2021, only to have a judge dismiss the request. A report from the Associated Press alleges that the situation has forced the NRA to perform mass layoffs to cut back on spending.

Re-Electing LaPierre

LaPierre first took control of the organization in the early 1990s. Since then, he has retained a strong stance on gun rights and rarely shows any willingness to compromise.

The CEO allegedly believes that gun control isn’t the answer to stopping mass shootings. However, he has favored some minor restrictions in the past, such as the ban on bump stocks. LaPierre spoke about the recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas, during an NRA convention on May 27. The NRA CEO first lamented the loss of “beautiful lives,” and then stated that America could and should take action to address mass shootings.

The NRA CEO mentioned that, unlike President Biden and several members of the Democratic party, he doesn’t believe restricting the Second Amendment or taking away the right to self-defense measures is the answer. Instead, he believes America should focus more on mental health and security in schools.

LaPierre also looked forward to continuing his work with the NRA, which he says only seeks to protect the fundamental rights of law-abiding Americans by “promot[ing] responsible gun ownership.”

It isn’t yet clear whether the NRA will finally get to experience a brilliant comeback under LaPierre or if it will continue to struggle financially well into the future. Some members fear the group might eventually have no choice but to dissolve or dismiss the long-time leader.

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