Weiss Clarifies Status of Hunter’s Plea Deal: Not Binding

(RepublicanNews.org) – The man that IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley accused of burying the Hunter Biden investigation has now been appointed as the investigation’s special counsel.

An August 15th court filing from David Weiss said that Hunter Biden’s previous deal regarding felony gun charges never received the nod of approval from a probation officer and was not binding. It “never went into effect,” Weiss said.

Two days before the filing, Hunter Biden’s lawyers submitted a related court filing in which they said prosecutors had reneged on their initial plea agreement. Hunter’s ongoing legal problems have continued to escalate as more whistleblower testimony is released by Republican legislators.

The younger Biden’s original deal would have seen him dodge prosecution by entering a diversion agreement for his felony firearm charge. The arrangement also called for him to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges. If finalized, the deal would have ended a 5-year investigation into President Biden’s son and given him immunity from charges that may arise in the future.

In Weiss’ August 15th filing, the counsel argued that prosecutors “did not” back out of their initial offer. The attorney said that U.S. Probation refused to honor Hunter Biden’s diversion agreement and that the President’s son responded by choosing a plea of not guilty.

At an earlier hearing in July, the judge noted peculiarities in the offer made to the younger Biden and said she refused to “rubber stamp” the arrangement. The judge referenced a continuing congressional investigation into the President’s son and the fact that more charges could follow. She would not agree to terms that offered Hunter Biden blanket immunity.

Weiss was appointed to head the investigation by AG Merrick Garland on August 11th after allegations arose that the Justice Department stonewalled and delayed a multi-year IRS inquiry into the President’s son. Whistleblowers have claimed that both Garland and Weiss showed favoritism to Hunter Biden.

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