What on Earth Was Wrong with Biden in Maui?

What on Earth Was Wrong with Biden in Maui?

(RepublicanNews.org) – The faces of Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz and First Lady Jill Biden told voters all they needed to know about their President’s mental state during an August 21 speech by the commander-in-chief on the island of Maui. After going on vacation to Lake Tahoe first, the President finally visited the area some two weeks after the wildfires initially began.

As Biden spoke, those around him appeared concerned for his disposition.

Following his speech in front of Lahaina’s famed 150-year-old banyan tree, the President had to be guided away from the podium by both his wife and a Hawaiian legislator. His address to the crowd was full of predictable gaffes, attempted jokes, run-on sentences, and misspoken words, but it was the nervousness projected by those around him that was the most profound.

Despite the familiar glaze on Biden’s eyes being covered by a pair of Raybans, Senator Schatz and the First Lady could do nothing to cover up the fact that the President ended his address by holding his mouth perpetually open in full view of the cameras. Schatz, who is a Democrat, appeared concerned enough to suggest in vain that the President take a sip of water before being physically prompted and then guided off stage. Biden finally took direction and shuffled himself away.

While touring the devastation, the President joked with a first responder about the ground still being hot. After a video of the interaction was posted to Twitter, one user commented that Biden had “failed to read the room.”

Elsewhere on the day of his visit, Biden told victims of the Maui fires that he, too, was once subjected to an inferno. The President explained to the crowd that a small electrical fire in his home’s kitchen in 2004 almost led to the death of his wife and cat, and the destruction of his corvette. Biden chuckled when recounting his car. The fire in question was brought under control in minutes.

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