Whistleblower Steps Forward, Bad News for Biden

(RepublicanNews.org) – Another whistleblower has come forward with allegations of interference from senior DOJ leadership during the probe of Hunter Biden’s tax and business dealings.

Joseph Ziegler, an IRS Special Agent, told the House Oversight Committee on July 19th that he was part of an investigation that had recommended the President’s son face both misdemeanor and felony charges relating to his tax filings from 2017-2019.

During his testimony, he emphasized his lack of partisanship to lawmakers and pointed out that he has always identified as a gay Democrat. The agent has served with the Criminal Investigative Division at the IRS for 13 years.

He had previously testified anonymously behind closed doors to members of the House alongside IRS Special Agent James Shapley.

On July 19th, Zeigler told legislators that federal prosecutors had recommended to their DOJ superiors in August of 2022 that felony and misdemeanor tax charges be brought against Hunter Biden. Zeigler referenced U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who had been singled out in prior testimony by Agent Shapley.

Shapley alleged that Weiss failed to follow DOJ policy in not charging Hunter Biden with a felony. Zeigler concurred with Shapley’s allegation during his July 19th testimony. In a plea agreement, the President’s son was charged with only a misdemeanor.

Zeigler said that “each taxpayer” should be treated “the same under the law” and inferred that anyone else would have faced more serious charges.

He said Hunter Biden failed to report large amounts of income and testified that the President’s son listed expenses incurred during a six-week luxury hotel stay as business write-offs. The alleged expenses included paying for a room for his drug dealer and purchasing memberships to erotic clubs.

Zeigler said this period was later matched with a six-week period Hunter Biden reflected on in his memoir in which he wrote that he spent a month and a half at the Chateau Marmont where he “learned how to cook crack.”

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