White House Called Upon to Help Find 85k Missing Children

(RepublicanNews.org) – Biden administration immigration policies appear to have led to at least 85 thousand children going missing inside the United States. The American who many would say has done the most to shine a spotlight on child trafficking, Tim Ballard, has joined forces with a Republican legislator in an attempt to force the White House to track the missing minors down.

The Operation Underground Railroad founder joined New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith at a September 12th press conference to promote a bill that Smith co-drafted with Heritage Foundation official Roger Severino and Sound of Freedom producer Eduardo Verastegui. If passed, the bill would require the government to begin searching for the missing children in question.

Ballard is set to testify to Congress on behalf of the proposed legislation on September 14th. Rep. Smith chairs the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee that Ballard is scheduled to appear before. The legislator is not a recent convert to the issue of child trafficking and is responsible for authoring the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.

Smith has referred to Ballard as “a hero.” The ex-Homeland Security agent left his federal job to pursue victims of child trafficking independently. Ballard’s O.U.R. nonprofit first gained notoriety outside government circles when it was featured in the documentary Operation Toussaint. The film follows his team to Haiti where they travel in pursuit of human smugglers.

Sound of Freedom’s success has made Ballard a near-household name amongst many conservatives. The film is based on his time working as a federal agent and stars Jim Caviezel, who portrays Ballard. Liberal media has promoted much of what is portrayed in the film as conspiracy theory.

Ballard has been open in his critique of the Biden administration. The father and pursuer of traffickers wants to know why an administration that claims to maintain an open border policy in the name of human rights declines to monitor the children under their purview.

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