White House Points at GOP Over Immigration

(RepublicanNews.org) – Republican governors in border states have blamed the White House for not stemming the tide of illegal immigration, and now the Biden Administration is pointing the finger back at them.

At a May 10th press conference, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took a Millennial tone when she said it was Republicans who were responsible for the border chaos because they “literally refuse to act.”

President Joe Biden, she said, has had to contend with a broken immigration system, and Republicans are the ones standing in the way by refusing to take action. Jean-Pierre said the GOP would not meet the White House “in the middle” and negotiate. That claim will likely get little sympathy from Republicans, who are aware that Biden has refused to negotiate with their side on issues such as the U.S. debt ceiling. 

Border cities such as El Paso in Texas are reporting that huge numbers of would-be immigrants are camping out or lining up on the Mexican side of the border in anticipation of a U.S. policy change. The rule called Title 42 expired on May 11th, and many immigrants believe they will have an easier time entering the U.S. after that happens.

Democrats, Republicans, and the White House have urged immigrants to rethink this, but the message does not seem to be received.

Title 42, signed by then-President Donald Trump, is a Covid-era public health rule that allows the U.S. to quickly expel illegal immigrants and applicants at the border. Title 42 has been used to turn away nearly 3 million immigrants in recent years. 

Meanwhile, President Biden has sent 1,500 U.S. military troops to the border, though they will not be directly enforcing immigration law. Instead, they will provide behind-the-scenes administrative and logistical support. 

Staff at Customs and Border Protection have told media that their agents have snagged 10,000 would-be immigrants over just two days (May 8th and 9th). 

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