White House Says They’re Proud of Hunter Biden’s Profits on Paintings

White House Says They're Proud of Hunter Biden's Profits on Paintings

(RepublicanNews.org) – There’s nothing wrong with a father being proud of his son. But, in the case of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s youngest son, things are slightly different. Some people believe the president’s son is only profiting from his father’s position. Does the media response seem different than past responses to business deals disclosed by President Trump’s adult children while he was in office? Less critical? More guarded?

Hunter Biden, an American lawyer and now painter, recently profited $375,000 from selling art prints of his paintings. Each of five reproductions sold for $75,000. The gallery handling the younger Biden’s work values the original paintings in excess of $500,000 each. Still, serious questions regarding ethics come into play as the president’s son gets into the art industry.

Ethics experts from this and previous administrations have raised red flags over the arrangement between Hunter and the gallerist. The experts believe full transparency of sales details would be better than the non-disclosure agreement brokered by the gallery. Walter Schaub, an Obama-era Director of Ethics, believes sales details should be public knowledge. Otherwise, he stated, there’s no way to ensure against suspicious deals under the current arrangement, opening the door for corruption. Schaub added the art industry is notorious for laundering money.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended the president’s pride in his son, saying the White House has no idea who is buying the art prints or paintings. Psaki snapped at Steven Nelson, a reporter for the New York Post, before he could ask another question, asking whether he had questions on something other than the painting deals. She quickly added if Nelson intended to ask more about Biden’s paintings, they would move on because there was a lot happening in the world.

Still, one wonders how the press might have reacted had something like this happened during Trump’s time as president. Does it seem like there’s a double standard?

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