White House Tries to Set Editorial Policy for the Press

(RepublicanNews.org) – In George Orwell’s 1984, the book’s protagonist was responsible for altering government-disseminated information made for public consumption in real-time. The Biden administration has already engaged in what many would consider to be comparable Orwellian-like behavior by instructing social media providers to censor unfavorable topics, but the latest move from the White House is even more surprising.

On September 12th, the President’s Special Assistant and Senior Advisor sent a letter to mainstream media outlets nationwide with instructions on how to handle the recently announced GOP-led impeachment inquiry against the Commander-in-Chief. Networks, papers, magazines, and channels are obligated to “ramp up” their “scrutiny” of conservative legislators, wrote SA Ian Sams.

Rather than cover the topic in a fair, balanced, and impartial manner, the letter appears to be instructing reporters to go on the offensive. The White House official tells the letter’s readers that they will be engaging in “a disservice to” voters if they choose to report on the inquiry by covering the investigation from both sides.

An approach of conservatives “say X, but the” Biden administration “says Y” won’t do the trick, according to Sams. The President’s assistant goes on to write that Republican leadership “should be held” to account for their “unfounded” accusations that have “in virtually” every case “been proven” to be untrue.

Earlier in the letter, Sams included a handful of quotes from nine GOP Reps. in which they appear to question the evidence their own party has against the President. There are 222 Republicans currently serving in Congress.

Sams’ two-page communique is accompanied by an appendix totaling 14 pages in which “the 7 key” Republican falsehoods are “comprehensively” addressed from the perspective of the White House. The official ends his note by telling reporters that the administration hopes the document is “useful” to them as they begin to cover the “unfounded claims” against President Biden. The inquiry into the President was officially launched on September 12th.

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