White Men Accused Of Being Serial Killers

(RepublicanNews.org) – Straight Caucasian men are a threat to society, says one of San Fransisco’s reparations committee members. Nikcole Cunningham sits on the 15-person council and made the comment along with a number of other racially charged statements in a recent interview.

Abusers, school shooters, and most serial killers are straight Caucasian males, she said. Cunningham believes the very DNA of the United States is “ingrained” with white supremacy and that white Americans should be held to account for the actions of past slave owners. She said whites are “still benefiting” from the long-term effects of the slave trade.

Cunningham said that if white people are unwilling to “come to grips” with the actions of their ancestors and back blanket reparations for black Americans, she will force that change on them herself.

Cunningham’s comments were quickly met with criticism. Users on social media claim that she was responding to the racism of the past by engaging in racism herself. One user said her comments were “racism at its highest” level.

The reparations panel Cunningham is a part of was formed in 2020 and made news when it floated the idea of granting each black resident of San Fransisco a $5 million payout for the harms caused by slavery. A draft of the report referenced the fact that some Japanese Americans who were interned during World War II received compensatory payments after the fact.

To be eligible for San Fransisco’s potential payout, residents must be at least 18 and identify as African American for 10 or more years. Two or more of the eight tests must also be met. One of those tests includes being a descendant of slaves and the other includes being incarcerated because of drug charges.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has also launched a similar effort to investigate the plausibility of reparations payouts throughout the entire state.

Both committees submitted their final reports to legislators at the end of June.

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