White Police Officers Need Not Apply in This City

(RepublicanNews.org) – Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell wants fewer white, male, and veteran cops on his city’s police force, according to a memorandum from his office. The memo appeared after officer recruiting responsibilities were transferred from the police department to an advertising expert in the office of the mayor.

In March of 2023, marketing lead Ben Dalgetty sent HR staff with the SPD a note asking for fewer videos and pictures of “white, male” police officers. The memo also asked for fewer shots of cops “with military bearing.”

In place of those demographics, Dalgetty requested an increased number of officers who are non-white, who represent multiple genders, and “who are younger.” A source familiar with Dalgetty’s effort said that it was part of a broader plan to hire fewer white males.

The move to do so may have been illegal. Both the Civil Rights Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibit employers from making hires based on gender, race, color, and age.

An anonymous source within the SPD told a local Seattle outlet that the fact the directive was put “in writing” conveys a “lack of respect” for the “military” and for “officers.” They went on to say that the mayor’s office has “no understanding” of how police recruitment works.

Once concerns about the memo began circulating, Dalgetty allegedly edited the original document.

A public disclosure request asking for the genesis file was made, but it took the mayor’s office three months to respond. Once the response came, it was learned that Dalgetty’s original file had been created using a cloud-based platform that allows for sharing, collaboration, and real-time edits. In their response, the mayor’s office said the document’s original form no longer existed.

Electronics retailer Best Buy was also accused of racial discrimination this week. On August 8, pictures from a company management training application began circulating on Twitter. They showed that white applicants were not eligible for the program.

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