Whopping Majority of America Thinks Kamala Harris Unfit, Poll Shows

Whopping Majority of America Thinks Kamala Harris Unfit, Poll Shows

(RepublicanNews.org) – Presidential candidates typically select running mates who balance out the ticket. For instance, former President Donald Trump selected a running mate with executive experience because he was a political newcomer. Although there are obvious differences between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it’s hard to see any tangible benefit to Biden over the arrangement after six months in office.

A new poll by the Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action found that 58.6% of Americans are “not confident at all” in Harris’ ability to become president. Another 5% said they were “not very confident,” and only 31.6% of the respondents said they were “very confident” or “somewhat confident.” Democratic participants were fairly evenly split, with 35.7% stating they “weren’t confident at all” in Harris and 38.3% saying they were “very confident.”

The poll asked about people’s opinion of Harris, but didn’t investigate the reasoning behind their responses. However, an article by Just the News offered some insight into possible concerns regarding her performance as vice president.

Mark Meckler, the head of the Convention of States Action, told Just the News the poll showed voters view Harris’ performance as vice president “has been a disaster,” and she’s not prepared to step in and replace Biden should the need arise.

The poll didn’t ask any questions regarding the reason for respondents’ answers. However, Just the News theorized Harris’ failure to address the mounting border crisis and decision to delay visiting the border impacted the poll’s results.

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