Woman Accused of Stabbing Her Family

Women Accused of Stabbing Her Family

(RepublicanNews.org) – Typically, you find people will do almost anything when it comes to protecting their families. At least the majority would like to believe as much, but for one woman, that doesn’t appear to have been the case. In fact, it turns out she’s the main reason some of her family wound up deceased.

Sherry Lee Heffernan, 55, will face felony homicide charges after authorities discovered her father, John Enders, 87, and his 75-year-old girlfriend, Francoise Pitoy, dead in his New Jersey home. Upon investigating the scene, police determined the pair likely died on September 29 due to homicide.

Cause of Death

Authorities indicated the cause of death was due to blunt force trauma and obvious stab wounds that had been found on the victims. Later, after an autopsy had been performed, investigators also found that Enders had suffered a severed carotid artery. Authorities have not been able to release details from Pitoy’s postmortem examination since it has been scheduled for October 5.


After performing a welfare check, authorities discovered the horrific scene of Pitoy and Enders battered bodies. Responding officers found the couple dead in Ender’s six-bedroom, $1.9 million home in Surf City, NJ. Police haven’t released any information in regard to what they believe may have led to the homicide.

Deadly Daughter

Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said the cooperative investigation of several law enforcement agencies found the daughter, Heffernan, was the main suspect in the deaths of Enders and Pitoy. On October 5, police arrested Heffernan in Landenberg, PA, where she resides.

Authorities are holding Heffernan in the Ocean County Jail until her detention hearing. At this time, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office indicated it would be charging Heffernan with two counts of murder and possession of a weapon.

A Team Effort

Prosecutor Billhimer mentioned that the arrest of Heffernan was a team effort amongst many agencies, citing the investigation’s comprehensiveness and depth. The prosecutor stated detectives worked hard examining the evidence, which is ultimately what led law enforcement to Heffernan.

He said authorities determined there was no real threat to the general public early in the investigation. He made mention of all the hard work officers put in to solve the murders. Billhimer concluded his statement by expressing his gratitude to all the officers involved.

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