Woman Allegedly Poisons Boyfriend to Death for Financial Gain

(RepublicanNews.org) – A woman in the Dakotas has been accused of using one of the oldest tricks in the book to murder her boyfriend for one of the oldest reasons in the world. Police in the North Dakota city of Minot said that Ina Kenoyer was under the impression that her boyfriend of 10 years, Steven Riley Jr., was about to receive an inheritance worth tens of millions of dollars.

According to authorities, once Kenoyer believed the transaction’s paperwork had been handled, she carried out the rest of her plan, which involved allegedly dosing her 51-year-old decade-long partner with antifreeze. To make matters worse, the victim’s son said the couple had fallen prey to a scam and that Riley’s supposed $30 million inheritance wasn’t real.

The reported timeline of events is as follows. On September 3rd, Riley was scheduled to briefly meet with a lawyer at a nearby airport who was reportedly flying into the area to finalize his inheritance transfer. Though Riley’s son, Ryan, said that meeting never materialized, Kenoyer remained unaware of that fact.

According to Ryan, despite the attorney never showing up, Riley remained convinced that his inheritance was real. He was said to have returned home, where he planned on having a lazy day. Police said Kenoyer then began bringing her boyfriend glasses of sweet tea that had been tainted with antifreeze.

As many might expect, Riley became violently ill. His friends and family became aware of his state, but in spite of their insistence that he be taken to the hospital, Kenoyer declined to do so. It wasn’t until the following day that she was said to have relented and agreed to drive him to a Bismarck ER.

Riley died within 24 hours. An autopsy was performed at the family’s request and the coroner found a high concentration of ethylene glycol, the main component in antifreeze. Kenoyer was arrested and charged in Riley’s death on October 30th.

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