Woman Mauled To Death By Own Dog, Among Others

(RepublicanNews.org) – A 28-year-old woman was mauled to death by her American Bully dog, among other dogs, as she walked them in Gravelly Hill, Caterham, the United Kingdom, on January 12th, The Daily Mail UK reported on May 18th. 

Natasha Johnson was walking eight dogs when they attacked her. A forensic vet examination revealed that the woman was killed by her own dog,  The Daily Mail UK reported. Witnesses of the attack reportedly said that the dogs turned into “a pack of wolves” when they attacked Johnson, biting her throat repeatedly. One bite perforated her jugular vein, which killed her, an inquest hearing stated. 

The dogs involved in the attack were held for examination following the events of Johnston’s mauling. After the vet report was returned, the American bully dog was “put to sleep,” while two other dogs were returned to their owners. 

One of the dogs that mauled Johnston to death was a Leonberger that had appeared on a BBC show about problematic dogs. The dog belongs to a professional psychic named Delia Lewis. Lewis has reported the dog missing along with some of the other animals involved in the attack. 

The strange attack in Caterham, England followed another similar attack in Kentucky, In April, a Kentucky woman was mauled to death in McCreary County, Newsweek reported. At the time of the attack, dogs were reported still on the loose. The Kentucky attack occurred on April 12 on Slab Vanover Road, near Kentucky’s Highway 90, which is west of a township called Cumberland Falls, Newsweek reported. 

In the Kentucky case, the 61-year-old attack victim lived in the surrounding area, the dogs did not belong to her, and the attack happened outdoors. Reports stated that the dogs were still on the loose at the time the incident was reported. 

Also in 2023, a woman named Patrizia La Marca, 53, was mauled to death by her brother’s Rottweiler in Ventimiglia, Italy, the Mirror UK reported. La Marca was reportedly bringing the dog food when it “set on her viciously.”

In March, a woman was mauled to death in Perry County, Pennsylvania by her neighbor’s Great Danes as her “young son” ran to get help, Fox News reported. Kristin Potter, age 38, was mauled to death while feeding the dogs for her neighbor while their owner was away. Potter may have attempted to intervene as the dogs fought with each other, the coroner stated. 

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