Working Americans Not Buying “Putin Price Hike” Narrative, Says Mike Rowe

Working Americans Not Buying

Working Celebrity Says Biden Isn’t Fooling Anybody

( – President Biden seems to be taking advantage of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, blaming sky-high fuel prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin. While it’s true Americans are spending twice as much at the pump as they were a year ago, that’s about the only truth they see. “Dirty Jobs” host, Mike Rowe, asserted he has truckers telling him they don’t buy Biden’s excuse that it’s all Putin’s fault.

Rowe appeared on “Fox and Friends” on May 2 to discuss the new season of his show “How America Works.” During the discussion with Steve Doocy, Rowe claims he gets messages and videos from people featured on his shows talking about how much it costs to fill up at the pump. According to Rowe, some claimed their price tags totaled $1,100-$1,200. Unfortunately, it’s no surprise because Fox reported the price of diesel is the highest it’s ever been. But if you ask some of the truckers Rowe knows, they’re not blaming Putin or believing Biden.

Rowe says it’s not just truckers these prices impact; it’s everyone. Eventually, all people will feel the impact of the inflated fuel prices as they reflect in the escalating prices of literally everything, especially food.

Additionally, Rowe talked about fertilizer prices and how they would also impact food prices. People in the US will soon realize just how big a role fuel plays in the overall economy.

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