Another Shooting Rocks Indianapolis, 7 Juveniles Injured

( – Indianapolis, Minnesota, had a bloody end to the month of March after a shootout left several minors injured, marking the third consecutive weekend last month of a mass shooting event.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), two 16-year-old boys, one 16-year-old girl, three 14-year-old girls, and one 12-year-old boy were injured on Saturday, March 30th, amid a barrage of gunfire near Monument Circle, at the corner of Maryland and Illinois streets. The IMPD said none of their injuries were life-threatening, although all of them were admitted to a nearby hospital. Two other juveniles were arrested after the incident for resisting a law enforcement investigation.

Suspects remain at large, but IMPD officials said that detectives are continuing “to make progress” on the case and asked the public to submit any leads or tips to Crime Stoppers.

The incident happened around 11:37 pm, shortly after which the IMPD received a radio control call of multiple shots fired “south of Washington and Illinois,” followed by reports of multiple people shot, and another call in of two wounded “across from Sugar Factory,” a local restaurant. When officers arrived on the scene, they found multiple victims, all of them juveniles, applying tourniquets and calling for medical assistance.

Three victims allegedly fled inside Sugar Factory, where a digital producer for Fox and CBS happened to be dining with a group of friends. The producer, Deja Studdard, described the scene that unfolded and said “shots rang out” inside the restaurant, which probably came from outside. Studdard said someone then entered the restaurant and everyone inside “gets on the floor,” beginning to hide wherever they could. Studdard called it “a madhouse” full of running, screaming, and hiding.

Studdard also described the scene of the aftermath, claiming the “sky was lit up red and blue” from all of the police cars and ambulances that showed up “by the boatload.” The producer said she eventually ran out of the restaurant’s side door and left behind her coat and shoes, calling the experience “harrowing.” Two 17-year-old boys were also arrested as IMPD tried to clear the sidewalks and assist the wounded, for allegedly resisting and striking one officer in the face.

A week before, a man shot at a crowd on East Washington Street and was killed by officers, and a week before that, a man was fatally shot and others wounded on Broad Ripple.

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