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Thank you so much for reaching out to Republican News. We value your readership. We are a patriotic, traditional values-based publication focused on news about preserving your rights and freedoms as a patriotic American devoted to your community and family. We emphasize personal responsibility, which includes holding Congress accountable for decisions they make about America’s actions at home and abroad.

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The Republican News mission is to help conservative readers stay informed about domestic and global issues affecting the preservation of our rights and freedoms. We believe it’s every American’s responsibility to stay informed, care for themselves and their family, and to hold all levels of the government accountable for their decisions. We believe in a fiscally responsible, lean government, and news reporting with fact-based headlines, free of liberal bias like you’ll find in mainstream media.

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The Republican News team consists of writers, editors, and assistants located throughout our beautiful nation — as well as some devoted and resourceful military spouses stationed abroad. We’re focused on providing a conservative American’s need-to-know info on a frequent basis.

Our team works collaboratively to fact-check information, filter out bias prevalent in mainstream media, and report on what you need to know to maintain your personal responsibilities, rights, and freedoms as an upstanding American citizen. We’re also committed to respecting our local law enforcement officers and the men and women who serve in our military.

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We love hearing from Republican News readers. To reach out to us, simply hit reply to any newsletter we send you. We appreciate opinions, feedback, critique, tips on coverage, and suggestions about what you’d like to see more or less of. We value your rights and freedoms, and appreciate any information you can send along that will help us hold Congresspeople accountable for their votes. From insider info on the Republican Party to disastrous leftist voting and spending, if you know about it and we’re not covering it, we’d appreciate you sending along the information. Thanks for reaching out!

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