Baby Born Orphaned in Emergency C-Section After Israeli Strike

( – A Palestinian baby was born an orphan in the Gaza Strip last weekend, which is just the latest tale of carnage in the area emerging since the ongoing military operation by Israel.

Just seconds after her mother left the world on Sunday, April 21st, as the result of an Israeli airstrike, Sabreen Jouda entered it. On Saturday night, shortly before midnight, an airstrike in the city of Rafah devastated the Palestinian family, one of several sheltering in the southernmost part of the Gaza Strip while much of Gaza is under siege.

Not only did Sabreen’s mother die, forcing her to be removed from her lifeless body, but the infant’s father and 4-year-old sister were also killed.

When emergency responders showed up at the blast site, they dug the family from the rubble and learned from neighbors that Savreen al-Sakani, the child’s mother, was pregnant. She and the other bodies were rushed to the Kuwaiti hospital where an emergency cesarean section was performed in a race against the clock to save Sabreen.

The child almost died herself, struggling to breathe as medical workers resuscitated her, but the hospital managed to save her. Sabreen now lies in an incubator in a neonatal intensive care unit, where she’s recovering and growing under close supervision. A label identifies her as the child of a “martyr.”

Dr. Mohammad Salameh said there’s been progress in Sabreen’s condition, although “the situation is still at risk.” He said that she “should have been” in her mother’s womb during this time of development, a “right” the doctor said Sabreen was “deprived of.”

The child’s paternal grandmother, Ahalam al-Kurdi, welcomed the girl. The grief-stricken old woman vowed to care for the child as the “memory of her father.” The maternal grandmother, Mirvat al-Sakani, not only lost her daughter but also her son, who she said “became body parts” and has yet to be found. She questioned why the Israeli military targeted them.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza sparked by the Oct. 7th, 2023, attack on Israel by Hamas has claimed over 34,000 Palestinian lives since that initial attack, which claimed 1,200 lives on Israeli soil. The war is also driving a wedge between both American political parties, who continue to debate ceasefire negotiations and aid packages.

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