Biden Associate Says Israel Must Give Victory to Hamas

( – A long-time associate of President Biden and his administration has written an opinion piece in which he declares that Israel should cease military action in Gaza and simply allow Hamas to declare victory.

Thomas Friedman is a staunch critic of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and has opposed his rule for some time. Notably, he urged Pres. Biden not to endorse a normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia just weeks before the October 7th massacre on the grounds that it did not include a concrete plan for a two-state solution.

Friedman’s op-ed criticized Netanyahu and his government, which he characterized as “far-right,” and blamed Netanyahu’s desire to eradicate Hamas on his desire to stay in government. He expressed his view that Israel should withdraw from Gaza in exchange for the return of the remaining 120 hostages, of which only 50 are estimated to still be alive.

Despite Friedman’s belief in the need for a cease-fire, Hamas leaders have vowed to repeat the atrocities of October 7th until Israel as a country no longer exists. Opinion polls taken in Gaza since October 7th show that Hamas still enjoys a great level of support from its people, with approximately three-fourths of Gazans approving of the heinous crimes of October 7th.

Friedman went on to accuse Netanyahu of harboring delusions by believing that Gaza should be run by “perfect Palestinians” who are neither Hamas nor members of the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority has been accused of funding anti-Israeli terrorism by paying generous sums of money to the families of any so-called “martyrs” killed while attacking Israel. He also expressed his view that if Israel laid down its weapons, not only could they get their hostages back, but the U.S. could simply broker a peace deal with the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, which has intensified its attacks against Israel since October 7th.

According to Friedman, U.S. officials are “debasing themselves” by continuing to visit Israel and offer support and instead should refuse all diplomatic visits until Israel agrees to allow Hamas to win the war.

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