Biden Signs Executive Order Focusing on Women’s Health

( – Pres. Joe Biden has declared that while women have been “underrepresented” in many areas of life, this is not the case in his administration.

On Monday, March 18th, Biden emphasized the importance of women as he signed an executive order that aims to strengthen research into women’s health issues. Famously, Biden’s administration has come under fire in the past for struggling to define the terms “man” and “woman.” But while announcing the executive order at a Women’s History Month White House reception he claimed that it was Republicans who were overlooking the female half of the population at their peril.

Dr. Carolyn Mazure, head of the White House’s women’s health initiative, explained that there was a historic lack of data relating to female health and that there is still much knowledge that is needed on the correct prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health issues that affect women. Before the 1990s, women were not routinely included in federally funded medical research, and instead, most research was based solely on male subjects and male patients. Even today, some research does not properly observe the differences between men and women.

The order will increase federal funding for many areas of women’s health, including menopause and heart disease. Biden had originally asked Congress for $12 billion in funding but has so far had to settle for just $200 million, which would come into play from October 2024. The president aimed at his Republican rivals when he announced the executive order, making mention of female voting power and telling the crowd that the GOP would be given a lesson in the “power of women” in November when the next presidential elections take place.

Biden quoted the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which had federally enshrined the right to abortion, as being part of a raft of “old ideas” that would fail to win voters. Vice-President Kamala Harris continued with the theme by telling the crowd that she had recently visited an abortion clinic in Minnesota and bemoaned the Republican states with heavier abortion restrictions as “dragging [the US] backwards.”

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