Biden Sparks Super Bowl Conspiracy Talks with ‘Dark Brandon’ Meme

( – Conspiracy theorists went wild online on Super Bowl Sunday after President Joe Biden’s social media pages shared a photo of the president with a caption suggesting the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers was planned by the government.

On Sunday night, February 11th, immediately after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII, narrowly defeating the 49ers 25-22, social media users were surprised to see Biden post a picture of himself smiling with glowing red eyes and a caption that read, “Just like we drew it up.” The post immediately sent conservatives and the deeper fringes of Twitter and Instagram into a frenzy.

The photo is a meme (or internet joke) called “Dark Brandon,” which was originally created by critics of the president but has since been repurposed by Biden’s campaign, which has been leaning into the joke. Biden’s team has even gone as far as producing official merchandise featuring the meme.

The post was clearly a jab at the rumors preceding the Super Bowl that the Democratic Party is secretly conspiring with pop star Taylor Swift, who is dating Chiefs footballer Travis Kelce, to influence voters to support Biden in the upcoming presidential election while the singer and Kelce are at the peak of their popularity. Swift also endorsed Biden last time, in 2020.

Former President Donald Trump also seems to recognize Swift’s influence and commented on the rumors by saying an endorsement of Biden would constitute a betrayal of him after he passed legislation in 2019 that made the pop star more money off of streaming revenue. Swift is the highest-grossing touring female act in the world and one of the best-selling musicians in history.

Joking or not, lots of users and some well-known political commentators responded to Biden’s post negatively. They either considered it in poor taste or went even further as to consider it proof that the Super Bowl must have been rigged as part of the larger plot to influence voters by boosting Swift and Kelce more into the limelight.

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