Biden Vows to Shut Down Border “Right Now” if Presented with a Deal

( – Perhaps in hopes of securing more funding for Ukraine’s war effort against the invasion of Russia, President Joe Biden claims that he would approve a deal “right now” to close the southern border if Congress could agree on a bill for him to sign.

Biden spoke at an event in South Carolina on Saturday, January 27th, and in an attempt to perhaps disarm his Republican critics regarding his handling of the immigration crisis, he promised to shut down the border immediately if the House and Senate agree on a deal to send to his desk. He believes such a bipartisan deal “would be good for America” and help repair a “broken immigration system” by speeding up the process of approving legal immigrants “who deserve to be here.”

“Congress needs to get it done,” Biden said.

The president said the deal would also give him emergency authority as president “to shut down the border” until it’s “back under control.” He said he would do that “right now and fix it quickly” if the bill was already passed into law. Part of the deal currently being negotiated requires the border to be closed if more than 5,000 immigrants cross over illegally on a single day. Some days last year saw twice that amount.

As Senate Republicans and Democrats continue to debate the deal, it’s also unclear how the House will respond to it. House Speaker Mike Johnson says he believes it’ll be “dead on arrival.”

Trump has also been urging GOP members of Congress not to compromise on the bill and to reject anything that doesn’t include all of what’s needed to secure the border. Some critics who disagree with him believe Trump is only trying to stop Biden from achieving a big victory before the presidential election in November.

As for Biden, more than just scoring election points, his critics believe his main concern is delivering more foreign aid to Ukraine’s war effort against Russia and that he’s using the border crisis as a carrot on a stick as his Democratic voters in cities across the nation suffer the consequences. Also tied into the deal will be funding for Israel and Taiwan.

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