Biden’s Debate Death Spiral Keeps Getting Worse

( – As more details emerge, the debate debacle of President Joe Biden seems to get worse, with the president reportedly arriving late to the event, and the aftermath of his performance has turned into a death spiral for Biden’s campaign.

Before the June 27th debate with former President Donald Trump, Democrats felt a win on stage with the former president would be the push needed to propel Biden ahead in the polls. What they received instead was an obvious contrast between Biden and Trump, with the president’s decline in physical health and mental acuity finally made glaringly obvious in a way the media could no longer ignore.

Those mistakes went deeper than that and began before Biden even took the debate stage. The president left his hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, 27 minutes late and arrived at the CNN studio with hardly a half hour to prepare to take the stage. The president also seemed confused about where to look on the monitor screen the two candidates referenced during the debate.

Biden’s Democratic supporters find these reports to be more excuses for Biden’s poor performance in contrast to Trump, who appeared as sharp as ever. The fact also remains that as soon as the debate ended, CNN commentators immediately threw the president under the bus, and could not deny the way Biden looked.

Critics point out that what the media are now finally admitting has been obvious to the average American the entire time while others refused to believe their own eyes and instead parroted the way the Democratic Party framed the president.

Meanwhile, Trump’s last two weeks after the debate have been less active, while Biden is making a last resort effort to appeal to the public by doing more media interviews, claiming he just “had a bad night” and “doesn’t understand.” On Sunday, July 7th, Biden sat down for a 45-minute interview with Georgia Stephanopoulos who questioned him on his health and mental competency, appearing much more composed than on the debate stage on June 27th.

Will it be enough? Polls leading up to the debate showed the two candidates were close, but Trump holds a lead in nearly all of the battleground states and the consensus on Biden seems to remain negative, even amongst his own base. A recent poll shows Trump may now hold a 3-point lead nationwide.

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