Biden’s DHS Paints Conservatives and Military as Potential Terrorists

( – Newly released documents show that an advisory board at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) characterizes Americans who support former President Donald Trump, particularly those of religious and military backgrounds, as potential domestic terrorist threats

America First Legal obtained the internal documents related to the DHS’s Homeland Intelligence Experts Group, which was established in September 2023 to provide additional analysis from experts on various national security concerns, from terrorist threats to the fentanyl trafficking epidemic.

Included on the panel are former CIA Director John Brennan, former Operations Officer Paul Kolbe, and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper. All three of these former officials signed a letter in Oct. 2020 during the presidential election in which they cast doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop story and its authenticity, suggesting a Russian disinformation scheme. The laptop was later proven to be legitimate while social media platforms and mainstream outlets collaborated with the government to bury the story.

The newly obtained documents published by America First Legal on Thursday, June 20th, classified traits such as military background or religiosity as “indicators” of potential extremists. The documents also detailed the Experts Group’s desire to collect more information on Americans considered suspicious, including plans under the guise of “public health” to encourage school personnel and parents to report any signs of “extremism” amongst school children.

According to a study by RAND Corp. in 2023, military personnel are statistically less likely to support radical political groups and causes compared to average Americans. Regardless of this data, Democratic lawmakers have continued to push the idea that military members are more likely to be right-wing extremists, especially after the Capitol attack in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6th, 2021, which featured many veterans in the crowd.

The Intelligence Experts Group was shut down after America First Legal and Richard Grenell, former National Intelligence acting director, sued the panel for violating the Federal Advisory Committee Act governing the legal operations of federal advisory committees.

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