Bill Clinton Among Names Exposed in Epstein Documents

( – Although the release has been postponed, one of the names expected to appear in court documents about the notorious Jeffrey Epstein is a former president already known to have associated closely with him: Bill Clinton.

Shortly before New Year’s Eve, a federal judge ruled that documents naming high-profile individuals associated with Epstein would be unsealed starting on January 1st, even though the court was closed on that day for New Year’s Day. One of the names appearing in the redacted documents is Clinton, according to an ABC report.

The ABC report claims Clinton is identified in the filings as “Doe 36” and appears in at least 50 of the documents from a 2015 lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre against Epstein’s partner-in-crime, Ghislaine Maxwell. In the lawsuit, which has since been settled, Giuffre said that Maxwell and Epstein both pressured her into trysts with powerful men when she was a teenager. One of the accused was Prince Andrew, who settled the case outside of court. All of the men accused denied Giuffre’s allegations.

The subject of many of the redacted filings are efforts by prosecutors to subpoena the former president to provide deposition testimony regarding his friendship and dealings with Epstein. A judge ordered the documents to be unsealed at the end of 2023 and scheduled the release to begin on the first day of 2024, but delayed that. The unsealing began two days later, on Wednesday, January 3rd.

Although the documents name dozens of individuals associated with Epstein, many of whom have already been made public and some have given interviews, it is not necessarily a list. Many Republican and conservative commentators online seem to have confused the unsealed documents with the Epstein flight logs.

Over 150 names associated with Giuffre’s case were initially given as “John Does” or “Janes Does.” The unsealing is expected to gradually release those names, who will also have an opportunity to file an appeal.

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