Bill Maher ‘Vindicated’ by Katie Porter’s Election Loss

( – Semi-liberal comedian and host of the “Real Time” show and “Politically Incorrect,” Bill Maher, celebrated Californian Democrat Katie Porter’s election loss, saying that he felt “vindicated.” Rep. Katie Porter had previously been a guest on his show, although in Maher’s opinion, “not successfully”. The pair had clashed repeatedly over multiple topics, much to his audience’s entertainment and Maher’s apparent annoyance.

Rep. Porter lost out to Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff and new Republican rival Steve Garvey, a former player for the Los Angeles Dodgers team. Porter only managed to scoop 15% of the vote during California’s Super Tuesday jungle primary and did not take her loss well. She claimed that the election was “rigged” by billionaires spending lavish amounts of money on her rivals’ campaigns and releasing adverts that were highly critical of her.

One of Maher’s viewers brought up the topic of Porter’s loss and subsequent claims of electoral injustice during the “Overtime” portion of Maher’s show, and the host responded candidly, saying that he and Porter did not like each other. He compared Porter’s claims to former President Donald Trump’s claims about election rigging, saying that it was a weak and “whiny” reaction to losing an election.

Porter and Maher’s reciprocal animosity dates back to 2019 when, during a discussion on abortion, Porter mockingly commented that Maher’s mother “made her choice” not to abort him and that everybody had to live with the consequences of that choice. Four years later, the two butted heads again during a discussion about the maturity of young Americans, this time with journalist and television presenter Piers Morgan joining in the fray. Morgan and Maher, speaking about 21-year-old National Guard Airman Jack Texeira who was alleged to have leaked classified information to impress other people, despaired of what they considered to be the relative immaturity of young adult Americans.

Porter dismissed their concerns and said that they sounded “old and grumpy”, before saying that 21-year-olds were simply immature in general. She added that for this reason under-21s were not permitted to drink alcohol and that was also why she believed they should not be able to buy certain firearms. Maher replied that 21-year-olds were adults, not children, and that they were able to vote, marry, and join the armed forces. When Porter responded that she was “proud” to win those votes, Maher scathingly observed that she thought those voters were “immature” and went on to say that young people in America were “coddled”, and that this was what rendered them immature compared to those in other countries or time periods.

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