Boeing 747 Catches Fire and Is Forced to Make an Emergency Landing in Miami

( – On January 19th, a cargo jet flying over Miami was seen shooting flames into the sky, prompting the pilots to make an emergency landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it will investigate the incident involving Atlas Air. This follows an ongoing investigation into Boeing after an emergency landing on an Alaska Airlines aircraft earlier this month caused by a door stopper falling off the fuselage.

Atlas Air said in their press release that Flight #5Y095 was on its route to Puerto Rico and landed successfully after suffering engine malfunctions shortly after takeoff from Miami.

The crew returned to MIA safely after following all usual protocols.

According to the FAA, the jet departed after 10 p.m. ET and arrived in Miami at 10:30.

An unnamed source informed the media that early examinations of the engine had shown a hole above the #2 engine.

A trail of fire trailed after the aircraft as it flew across the sky in a cellphone video submitted to Instagram by a Miami resident.

Transportation of perishable goods and heavy machinery are two of Atlas Air’s many specialties. As stated on their website, they also coordinate the chartering of big groups of passengers for dignitaries and celebrities.

Among many incidents involving Boeing, the one in Miami is the most recent. Two weeks have passed since the incident with the Alaska Airlines jet, in which a panel came loose while in flight.

An order from the FAA states that all 737 Max 9 planes would be grounded due to an event involving the rapid decompression of an aircraft caused by the in-flight disappearance of a mid-cabin door plug.

The FAA said that 40 of the 171 suspended aircraft had been inspected successfully.

The incident involving Atlas Air is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Following the accident in Miami, Boeing issued a statement stating that it is assisting its customers and will also assist with the NTSB investigation.

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