Border Patrol Union Mocks Biden Following Texas Trip

( – The National Border Patrol Council, a union that represents Border Patrol personnel, publicly poked fun at President Biden following his visit to the southern border. On Saturday, March 2nd, the union took to X, formerly Twitter, to post a mock schedule for the 81-year-old’s visit to Brownsville, Texas, which included multiple naps and the instruction to blame everything on former president Donald Trump. The post included a photograph of Biden apparently asleep on a beach in a deck chair.

The union, which has 18,000 members, has previously endorsed Donald Trump and has been critical of Biden and his administration over the border crisis that has seen record numbers of illegal migrants entering the U.S. via the U.S.-Mexico border. On February 29th, the union wrote on X that Trump had been respectful of Border Patrol agents, listening to their ideas and being generally supportive of their work. The union contrasted that with an allegation that Biden had made false accusations of criminal behavior against agents and had effectively “burned the border to the ground”.

Brandon Judd, head of the National Border Patrol Council, accused Biden of visiting the border purely to improve his chances in the upcoming presidential elections and stated that the president was to blame for the problems at the border in the first place. Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson also criticized Biden’s visit to Brownsville, noting that it was the “29th ranked hotspot” for border crossings and suggesting that by avoiding visiting a worse-ranking location, he was avoiding bearing witness to the full scale of the issue.

While Biden spent time in Brownsville, the Republican frontrunner for president, Donald Trump, paid a visit to Eagle Pass, also in Texas. Eagle Pass has become a focal point in the border crisis of late, with Gov. Greg Abbott recently announcing plans to build a new military base to house members of the armed forces deployed to maintain border security.

Pres. Biden used his visit to Brownsville to complement the work of the Border Patrol agents and send a public request to Donald Trump to offer his endorsement of the latest border security bill, a bill that some Republican critics say does not do enough to secure the border, but which has been endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council.

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