Christians Outraged as Biden Overshadows Easter

( – President Joe Biden and the White House sparked widespread outrage, especially among Christians, after making an official declaration recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility, which fell on the same day as Easter Sunday this year.

On Friday, March 29th, the White House published an official declaration recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility leading up to its celebration on March 31st, which was also Easter. On Easter Sunday, a few hours after the White House’s standard message on the most holy Christian holiday, the president also shared a message “to all trans-Americans.” The president told Americans who identify as such that he “sees” them, and that they’re “made in the image of God” and “worthy of respect and dignity.”

Amid the online backlash, pundits and politicians also weighed in, such as the co-hosts of “The Big Weekend Show” on Fox News. Co-host Lisa Booth called the holiday “a random day created by a random person.”

Some pushing back on the criticism against Biden for highlighting the holiday during its overlap with Easter point out the fact that the holiday has been around since 2009 and always falls on the same calendar date while Easter Sunday fluctuates based on the full moon and Spring Equinox. But as Booth notes, it’s never been singled out for an acknowledgment by proclamation by a president until 2021, showing that the overall treatment of the LGBTQ holiday has changed under the Biden administration.

Booth accused the White House of choosing to observe the holiday on the same day as Easter to “thumb in the face of Christians.” She also called it a “clear effort” to “remove God” from American society for “false gods” as replacements, which Booth said is now “the trans community” in this instance.

The other Fox hosts weighed in as well. David Webb said the move was part of a broader political strategy, and Joey Jones said Biden’s tweets and comments “turned Easter into a trans celebration.”

The Log Cabin Republicans, the biggest group representing conservatives who also identify as LGBT, also criticized Biden and the White House for the move.

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