Court Reviews Evidence in Democrat Mayor’s Federal Corruption Probe

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is currently the subject of a criminal corruption probe, with a federal grand jury now examining evidence of alleged wrongdoing. The investigation accuses the Democrat mayor of receiving illegal donations from the Turkish government. Adams is known to have a close relationship with the country.

At least one person connected to Adams has been subpoenaed in relation to the investigation so far. The subpoena, issued by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, includes strict instructions not to discuss the case publicly. A member of his team, another member of City Hall, and a former executive for Turkish Airlines have all had their homes raided as part of the probe. Adams was also made to relinquish his iPad and cell phones to the FBI in the fall, although these were returned to him some days later.

Adams has remained tight-lipped about the investigation into his 2021 campaign, telling a reporter that “you don’t be throwing dirt” when quizzed about it at a press conference on Saturday, June 8th. He complained to the crowd about such “distractions” and refused to be drawn on the subject. Just days before, while visiting a Harlem festival, he told the press that he was unaware that a grand jury had convened in order to examine the evidence. He added that he was not a lawyer but was “the mayor” and an “ex-cop”.

Adams’ 2021 Republican rival Curtis Sliwa also attended the festivities in Harlem and claimed that Adams would never make it to the White House but might instead end up “the big house”. He said that people who had worked with Adams would not want to risk trouble from federal authorities and so would be happy to report any misconduct relating to his campaign and office.

Adams, 63, has not directly been accused of any wrongdoing, although his campaign team is being investigated over the alleged illegal payments from the Turkish government. Questions have also been raised over whether or not Adams applied pressure to the city’s Fire Department to expedite permits for a Turkish Consulate that had failed its building inspection previously.

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