Decades-Old Murder Case Closed Thanks to Deathbed Confession

( – The remains of a mother and daughter who were murdered 24 years ago were recovered after their killer confessed to the murders on his deathbed, dying shortly before the bodies were exhumed.

In a news conference on Tuesday, April 23rd, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Tony Rausa announced that the bodies of Susan Carter and her daughter, Natasha “Alex” Carter, were recovered the previous day. The two went missing in August 2000 and the case went cold until the perpetrator, Larry Webb, confessed to the murders on his deathbed.

The bodies were exhumed from the backyard of Webb’s residence in Beckley, West Virginia, on the same day that Webb died in police custody. Law enforcement obtained the search warrant eighteen months ago. During their search of the property, they also discovered a bullet embedded in a bedroom wall. The 10-year-old victim was known to have occupied this room, and the bullet had old traces of blood confirmed to be the girl’s blood in a lab test.

The father of Alex Carter, Rick Lafferty, commented on the development on Tuesday and called it a “sad day” but also a happy one because he could finally have closure and “bring [his] baby home.” Lafferty noted how the case went cold several times and that he had “almost lost hope.” He also sent a message to other parents dealing with similar situations and told them to “never give up hope.”

Lafferty was in the middle of a custody battle with Susan Carter when she and his daughter disappeared.

During his confession interview at the Hilltop Nursing Home, Webb said he killed Susan Carter, who was living with him, during a dispute after discovering some of his money went missing. He said he then killed the little girl to cover up the first murder, wrapped their bodies in linens, left the bodies in his basement for two days as he dug their graves, and then buried them in the backyard.

Hours before the remains were dug, Webb was transferred to the hospital and pronounced dead on Monday, April 22nd, around 10:30 AM.

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