Democrat Leaders Fear Biden Campaign Is Doomed

Clyburn Endorses Biden 2024

( – Sources within the Democrat party say that many of the party’s high-ups are privately afraid that the incumbent president will lose the November election. One advisor to campaign donors claimed to keep a list of all the reasons why Pres. Biden’s campaign may lose but said that there was no point in writing down a list of why it may win. According to the advisor, the list was so short that there would be no point in writing it down.

Some of the two dozen cited reasons are Biden’s advanced age, having Kamala Harris as a running mate, and the high levels of inflation making many Americans’ lives much more difficult. Previously, Biden’s campaign had certainly appeared optimistic and was raising a great deal of financial support in the run-up to polling. The amount of money raised by Biden’s team is now being outstripped by financial donations to the rival Donald Trump campaign, with Trump’s campaign raising $25 million more than Biden’s in April alone.

According to the anonymous advisor, even the presence of John F. Kennedy as an Independent candidate may hinder Biden’s ability to pull in the votes. Biden’s support of Israel in its war against Hamas has also tarnished his popularity among anti-Israel protestors, particularly those in heavily Muslim areas. New York Democrat Rep. Richie Torres is an outspoken Israeli supporter and acknowledged that anti-Israel sentiment could be a problem but said that he thought concerns over the economy ranked higher among most voters.

Trump has also worked to ramp up the pressure on Biden by visiting Democrat-run areas and giving rallies in normally blue states such as New York and New Jersey. Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine described the positive response Trump has received in New York as “alarming” and said that Democrats needed to “wake up” to the threat.

According to recent polls, Biden has the lowest approval rating of any president since Dwight Eisenhower, at just 38.7%. While he still leads amongst black male voters and has sought to keep them onside, his support among them has dropped by 20%.

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