Democratic Lawyer Mocks Trump’s DC Jury Pool

( – A top Democratic lawyer showed his party’s hand last Sunday by indirectly admitting that former President Donald Trump could not get a fair trial in the nation’s capital by mocking Trump’s recent loss in the Washington, D.C., primary election.

Marc Elias, a prominent Democratic lawyer, made a connection between the former president’s primary election results in D.C. and the city’s jury pool in his federal trial for alleged election interference. In a social media post on Sunday, February 3rd, Elias noted how Trump only received 676 votes in the Republican primary “in a city of 700,000.” He then added, “A tough jury pool,” referencing the general animosity toward Trump in D.C.

Elias’s tweet received over a million views on the post overnight and hundreds of comments from conservatives who argued that he was openly boasting about corruption in D.C. and the jury bias present there. Elias is the founder of Democracy Docket, a progressive news outlet, and the chair of Elias Law Group, which claims in its bio to “help Democrats win, citizens vote and progressives make change.”

Stephen Miller, a former Trump adviser, reacted to the remark by accusing Elias of bragging that the former president “will never get a fair trial or impartial jury” in the nation’s capital. The official page for the Republican Party of Arizona responded to Elias by pointing out that it’s not a “flex” to confirm that the justice system in D.C. “has been corrupted by politics.” And Sean Parnell, former candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate, called Elias a “Russia hoax financier” and said people like him would throw conservative Americans “in the gulag” without thinking “twice about it.”

Although Haley did defeat Trump in D.C., pulling in 1274 votes, her first victory may be her last. She did terribly on Super Tuesday, losing to the former president in every contest, bringing Trump closer to solidifying the Republican nomination.

The trial based on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against Trump for alleged election interference in 2020 was supposed to kick off the first week of March but is now on hold. The U.S. Supreme Court delayed the trial last month after agreeing to hear Trump’s arguments that he is protected from prosecution by presidential immunity.

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