DNC Members Panic Over Post-Debate Gaslighting

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(RepublicanNews.org) – After the first presidential debate in June, the general consensus across the board was that President Joe Biden did poorly in his performance, and some members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are reportedly feeling “gaslit” by the entire situation as its chairman brushes off those concerns.

The call was organized by Jaime Harrison, Chairman of the DNC, with Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez, to discuss plans for the party moving forward into the convention. But many members who attended the call felt the issues displayed during Biden’s performance on the debate stage with former President Donald Trump on June 27th were mostly brushed aside, leaving some of them to feel “gaslit” by the situation.

A DNC member from Colorado, Joe Salazar, told reporters he was disappointed with the call and hoped for a more “substantive conversation.” Instead of such a conversation, Salazar said members were instructed to “go out there and just be cheerleaders” for Biden without addressing what he called “a very serious issue” that millions of Americans saw unfold on their television screens.

Salazar said several things could have been said to address the situation, but members “didn’t get that” and were instead “being gaslit” by the Biden campaign and DNC leadership.

The CNN debate was universally considered a trainwreck for Biden, save for his most loyal supporters, and immediately led to internal panic and calls from within the Democratic Party for him to step aside. The president, who has resisted that idea, is reportedly facing pressure from various angles. The day after the debate, he announced he would not drop out, although he did admit to the effects his age had on his performance. Biden said regardless of not being as good at speaking or debating as he used to be, he knows “how to tell the truth.”

ABC is scheduled to host a second debate between the two candidates in September, although it’s not clear what Biden can do to improve his performance with such obvious signs of age and mental decline.

Several DNC members on the call reportedly felt the same as Salazar. A flash poll following the debate surveyed viewers and found around 57% of voters expressed “no real confidence” in the president’s ability to do the job of commander-in-chief.

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