Donald Trump in Hot Water for Scathing Memorial Day Post

( – Former President Donald Trump took the opportunity on Memorial Day to go on another social media rant about his legal battles amid his reelection campaign, and his critics used the move as ammunition against the former president, whom they accuse of making the holiday about himself.

On Monday morning, May 27th, Trump made two Memorial Day posts on his Truth Social page to mark the occasion, but some weren’t pleased with his choice of words.

The first post didn’t stir the pot. It was simply a picture of the former president saluting a soldier’s grave accompanied by the caption about remembering the dead, who Trump said could never be repaid. The second post was shared over two hours later and ruffled some feathers. In that post, Trump sent out another “Happy Memorial Day” wish to all, which he said included “the Human Scum” working to “destroy” the U.S., which he referred to as “our Once Great Country.”

The post then proceeded into a lengthy rant against the “Radical Left,” targeting figures such as Judge Lewis Kaplan, who presided over two defamation cases against the former president, and Judge Arthur Engoron, who presided over the civil fraud trial in New York in which Trump was found guilty in February.

Trump’s critics took to social media to blast the former president for his post. The Biden-Harris HQ account on Twitter, which is connected to President Joe Biden’s election campaign, posted on the platform (which has since been rebranded as “X”) noting how Trump posted a message for the federal holiday that did not mention the “fallen American service members” while instead referring to his enemies as “Human Scum.”

Even some Republicans criticized the post, disregarding the fact that Trump did indeed mention fallen service members in his initial holiday message earlier that morning.

The Team Trump campaign account also shared multiple Memorial Day posts, including one of Trump’s speeches on the holiday from 2018. The former First Lady also posted about the holiday. Melania Trump said the day was about paying “tribute to the brave souls who sacrificed their lives” for Americans to be free.

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