Embassies and Military Rush to Evacuate as Haitian Violence Escalates

(RepublicanNews.org) – The chaotic situation in Haiti has worsened to the point that U.S. authorities airlifting non-essential personnel out of its embassy based in Port-au-Prince. The U.S. State Department requested military assistance in safely removing its people from the gang-ridden Caribbean nation amidst civil unrest that shows no sign of stopping.

U.S. officials said that this removal of staff and their families did not represent a withdrawal of American assistance. They affirmed that the U.S. embassy remains committed to Haiti and will continue to offer support by assisting the Haitian National Police and the United Nations Multinational Security Support operation, as well as by working to quickly bring out democratic elections. The U.S. has promised a further $100 million in aid to boost the international security force assigned to quell the national violence, which has seen dozens of people killed and over 15,000 left homeless after the fleeing armed gangs demanding Henry’s resignation.

Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who was sworn into power in 2021 following the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, previously promised to hold elections in 2025. Henry has since agreed to resign his post, announcing on Tuesday, March 12th, that he would do so as soon as a transitional council could be created. As of the time of his resignation announcement, Henry had not returned to Haiti after leaving the country on February 25th and flying to Kenya in order to negotiate assistance for his country from a Kenyan police force backed by the UN. The plan had faced delays when a Kenyan court ruled the deployment of such a force unconstitutional, although this legal challenge appears now to have been overcome.

Despite Henry’s successful visit to Kenya, he has been unable to return to his country as international flights have ground to a halt as a result of the violence that broke out in Henry’s absence. Haiti’s neighbor, the Dominican Republic, denied entry to Haiti’s longest-serving prime minister, citing safety concerns. Henry instead landed in Puerto Rico but is yet to find a way to return to Haiti, whose airports and main seaport are closed. The disruption to imports has caused a national shortage of basic supplies, creating a humanitarian crisis for the 11.5 million inhabitants.

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