Fani Willis Refuses to Testify Before Senate Panel

( – Fani Willis, the Democrat District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, says that she will not appear before the Senate panel currently investigating her over claims of misuse of public funds. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, May 6th, she denied having broken the law and accused the panel of not understanding the law.

Willis is currently prosecuting Donald Trump over claims that he tried to overturn the rightful election results in her state of Georgia. While pursuing the case, she came under fire when it emerged that she had previously had a romantic relationship with her team’s special prosecutor, Nathan Wade. Critics argued that the pair working together on the case together constituted a conflict of interest, and Wade ultimately stepped down to allow Willis to continue with the prosecution unhindered. Although a judge allowed Willis to remain on the case as Wade agreed to step down, the decision is still under appeal.

A special committee within Georgia’s senate has since launched an individual investigation into Willis, looking specifically at possible conflicts of interest and accusations of misuse of public funds during the course of her relationship with Wade. The committee has held several public hearings in which Willis’ use of funds to pursue her case against Trump has been scrutinized, including payments made to Wade for work carried out on the case. The panel has also looked at the level of monitoring other government bodies have over the District Attorney’s office. Speaking before the committee in early May, County Commission Chair Robb Pitts admitted that his office has little control over funding once it is placed into Willis’ budget.

While speaking at her press conference, Willis claimed that she was being investigated because she had upset her critics by treating everybody “equally.” She also said that she did not care how rich or well-connected somebody is, or indeed how “evil” their supporters are when it comes to carrying out prosecutions. Republican Sen. Bill Cowsert, chair of the committee investigating Willis, said that the investigation was itself a form of treating everybody equally and that Willis would be “held accountable.”

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