FBI Memo Discouraging Manifesto Release Reveals Potential Cover-up

(RepublicanNews.org) – Over a year after going on a shooting spree through the Nashville Covenant School, dozens of pages of Audrey Hale’s “manifesto” have been obtained by journalists and made public. Investigative reporters have also been able to get copies of FBI memos relating to the mass killing and the efforts made by the bureau to keep Hale’s writings under wraps.

Audrey Hale was a 28-year-old woman who was convinced that she was “a male.” She called herself Aiden and was reported to have been taking gender-transitioning drugs but was deeply upset that she had not been able to take puberty-blocking drugs as a child to allow her a smoother transition into life as a man. Her personal writing included numerous diatribes against those she felt had wronged her or other LGBT-identifying people. She railed against her conservative, Christian parents and against politicians who she felt were anti-LGBT. She complained of name-calling by her peers at school more than a decade ago and wrote scathingly about “white privileged” people, despite being white herself.

Hale’s later journal entries included information about her unhinged plans to murder innocent people at her former religious school. She explained that she was “ready to die” and just hoped that she managed to kill a large number of people before she did so. On March 27th, 2023, she shot and killed three members of staff and three 9-year-old children at the school before being gunned down by responding police officers.

Many have questioned why her writings were not made public immediately after the shooting, with some saying that the FBI kept them secret in order to hide the truth of Hale’s political outlook and motives. Some have argued that the FBI wanted to hush up Hale’s fixation on her gender identity and far-left politics as it would not fit with the Biden administration’s preferred narrative. Indeed, just days after Hale attacked the school, the president gave a speech in which he railed against “MAGA extremists” campaigning to stop children from changing their gender.

The FBI, however, insists that by keeping a killer’s political screed under wraps they are helping to prevent copycat murderers from emerging. According to a memo sent by the FBI to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department after Hale’s rampage, releasing “legacy tokens,” such as Hale’s manifesto, would only serve to inspire other mentally ill and violent people who might be “considering a school-based attack.”

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