Former Sanders Aide Advises DNC to Release Biden Plan B

( – One of Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ former presidential campaign aides said that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) formulated a clear backup plan just in case President Joe Biden decides to withdraw from the 2024 election.

The former top Sanders aide, Jeff Weaver, worked on the Vermont senator’s 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns for the Democratic nomination as an adviser. In 2024, Weaver also worked in the brief campaign run by Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota.

On Sunday, June 30th, Weaver appeared on NewsNation and told anchor Chris Stirewalt that the Democratic Party needs “to have a process in place” in the event that Biden drops out to avoid “chaos and pandemonium.” Weaver thinks that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) should announce that if Biden withdraws, they will hold last-minute debates this month “among leading candidates” who can then “campaign around the country” in the few months remaining before the November election.

Weaver suggested setting up a “threshold” to bring in “serious candidates” who can then move on to the Democratic National Convention to “make an appeal that can be set up.” The former Sanders aide said that even though what Biden is going to do remains unclear, he believes it is “incumbent” on the Democratic Party to have a plan because they not only have a responsibility to Biden, but to “the larger rank and file of the party” as well, and “to defeat Donald Trump.”

After the president’s performance on the debate stage against Trump, the Democratic Party went into immediate panic as pundits and lawmakers began suggesting that perhaps Biden should step aside. The day after the debate, Biden said he would stay in the race, although he did acknowledge that his advanced age has impaired his ability to walk and his speaking and debating skills, yet maintained that he still knows “how to tell the truth.”

Because he has already won the necessary delegates in the primary elections, Biden cannot technically be overthrown from the ticket unless the DNC makes a rule change. He would have to step down voluntarily.

Weaver clarified that it’s not necessarily Biden’s age that has voters concerned, but their “perception of his vigor.”

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