Fugitive Wanted for Girlfriend’s Murder in Massachusetts Caught Again in Kenya

(RepublicanNews.org) – A fugitive on the run in Kenya, who escaped a police station after being arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend and abandoning her body in a car at a U.S. airport last year, was captured once again and is in Kenyan police custody awaiting a decision on extradition to America.

According to Adamson Bungei, a Kenyan police official, the fugitive was detained on Tuesday night, February 13th, after he was caught trying to seek refuge in the home of a relative living on the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

The fugitive’s name is Kevin Kangethe, and he’s wanted in Massachusetts after the body of his girlfriend, Margaret Mbitu, was discovered at Boston Logan International Airport. Massachusetts State Police said Kangethe fled the country after leaving Mbitu’s lifeless body abandoned in a vehicle at the airport in November 2023.

On January 29th, Kenyan police arrested the 40-year-old at a Nairobi nightclub, but they didn’t hold onto him for long. On February 8th, Kangethe managed to escape the police station after which he took off in a minivan.

Kangethe found his opportunity when a man introduced himself to the police as John Maina Ndegwa, claiming to be his lawyer, and requested to speak with him. Officers agreed and brought Kangethe from his cell to an office, where he was left alone to speak with the lawyer. Kandgethe soon fled from the office and left Ndegwa behind. Four Kenyan police officers on duty that day currently await disciplinary action for allowing the prisoner to escape on their watch.

Bungei confirmed that Kangethe had been “rearrested” and thanked everyone who helped them capture him again. He will remain in custody pending a court ruling to determine whether or not to extradite him to the U.S. to face trial for charges of first-degree murder.

The victim, Mbitu, was a resident of Whitman, Massachusetts. A missing persons report led to an investigation that quickly discovered her body abandoned by her killer in a car at the Boston airport. According to reports, she worked as a nurse in Brockton.

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