General Mike Flynn Responds to Trump V.P. Rumors

( – Recent rumors online last week suggested that former President Donald Trump may have been considering Gen. Mike Flynn to be his running mate for the presidential election, but Flynn shot down those rumors as “fake news.”

The rumors started spreading on Wednesday, July 3rd, after internet users found alleged filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) listing Flynn as Trump’s running mate and shared screenshots. The general immediately responded to the rumors and said the FEC filings were “unauthorized” and “fake news.”

Flynn wrote that he saw two filings listing his name but that they weren’t authorized and he didn’t “know anything about them.” He added that his office reached out to the FEC to alert them about the false filings. The original document could not be traced back to the FEC’s official website and was, instead, linked to an obscure news aggregator.

Conservative influencer and activist Laura Loomer also commented on the fake filings, clarifying that Trump did not select Flynn to be his vice president and that “anyone pushing this” was “pushing fake news.”

On the same day of the rumors, Flynn officially announced that he “unconditionally” endorsed Trump in the upcoming race. He said it was Americans’ “last chance to vote for freedom from government control.” He asked voters if they wanted their children to “live the American dream” or to be “enslaved by a corrupt” government he described as “wasteful” and “woke globalists.”

Flynn said that the country needs “change,” and that Trump is the only man with the “knowledge, determination… experience,” and “courage” to bring that change “on Day 1.” The general said that the former president “runs into the fight” despite the cost and “political persecution,” which Fylnn called the “most egregious” in modern history.

According to Flynn, the former president “refuses to watch America destroy itself.” He said he trusts Trust’s judgment and believes him to be “the greatest leader” since Ronald Reagan.

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