Greg Abbott Set for Victory Against Joe Biden in Supreme Court Battle

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( – As Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to defy the federal government over the erection of razor wire along the southern border between Texas and Mexico, many legal experts believe the issue will end up being examined and ruled upon by the Supreme Court, with one prominent lawyer arguing that it would be a “win-win” situation for Abbott. Writing for Public Notice, a website that styles itself as a politics site that explains right-wing news for a left-wing audience, attorney Lisa Needham explained that although the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the federal government regarding Abbott’s method of border control, there was every chance that Abbott would come out on top if the case went back to court.

Needham believes it is highly likely the issue will return to the Supreme Court after its January 22 ruling. In this ruling, five out of the nine justices voted to overturn the Fifth Circuit court injunction blocking Biden’s administration from having federal agents take down the razor wire put in place by the Texan governor. Abbott has since expressed his displeasure at the ruling, arguing that his state had the “constitutional right to self-defense”, and has refused to remove any of the razor wire designed to prevent illegal crossings.

The barriers installed on Abbott’s orders include a 1,000-feet-long barrier that floats in the Rio Grande, close to Eagle Pass, Texas, which is not a legal crossing point. Abbott has stated that the installation of this barrier allows Texas to protect itself from illegal migrants, and also acts as a way to redirect migrants to legal and safe crossing points. The White House, however, has blamed the barrier for the deaths of a woman and her two children who drowned near the barrier while trying to enter the US.

The battle between Texas officials and the federal government over who should control the border and what methods should be used has ignited fierce political debate. The Democrat mayor of Eagle Pass, who opposes illegal migration into the country, expressed his frustration at what he called the “games that both parties are playing”.

Writing for Public Notice, Needham argued that whatever the outcome of a full examination of the case by the Supreme Court, Abbott would enjoy some form of political victory. She stated that four justices already agree with Abbott’s position on the razor wire, and others may be convinced after an in-depth look at the legal arguments. If they do not rule in Abbott’s favor, she points out that he has still won the approval and support of a great many conservative politicians and voters. Following the January 22nd ruling, 25 out of the 26 Republican governors signed a letter to express solidarity with Abbott in his efforts to prevent illegal immigration into Texas, with only Vermont’s Phil Scott abstaining.

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