Hillary Clinton Abandons Diplomacy and Insults Tucker Carlson

(RepublicanNews.org) – Once again, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has crawled out of her mansion to throw in her two cents. This time, her comments were directed at Tucker Carlson, who she called a “useful idiot” for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday, February 7th, Clinton appeared on MSNBC and told host Alex Wagner that if people “actually read translations” of what the Russian media says about Carlson, they would find “they make fun of him.” She then said Carlson is “like a puppy dog.”

Her remarks came after Carlson announced he was in Russia to interview Putin, a conversation the conservative pundit released on Thursday, February 8th, on his website and on Twitter, which was rebranded as “X” by Elon Musk last year. In his announcement of the interview, Carlson praised Musk for allowing the discussion to be hosted uncensored on the platform, on which it has passed 134 million views in less than a day. Carlson’s venture is the first interview of Putin by the American media since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.

Clinton said that after “so many outlets” in America have fired him, she “would not be surprised” if Carlson came back from Russia “with a contract” from one of their media outlets because he’s “a useful idiot” who “says things that are not true” and “parrots” Putin’s lies about the war in Ukraine. Clinton believes this is why Putin gave Carlson the interview.

Despite the backlash, Carlson has stood by his decision and, although he’s criticized Putin in the past, says the reason he went to speak with him is, ultimately, because no other Western journalist would bother to. A spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dimitry Peskov, refuted this perspective and said that Carlson was “wrong,” confirming that Putin had various requests from Western news networks.

Carlson insisted he did not interview the Russian president out of adoration but to give Americans access to information so they could learn more about the other side of the story and, “like a free citizen and not a slave,” decide for themselves what they think about it.

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