House Democrat Launches Cringeworthy Task Force

( – Infamous Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) launched a new congressional caucus with an emphasis on “hip-hop power” on February 14th.

Bowman is an infamous left-leaning Democrat who was recently chastised for pulling a fire alarm in a congressional office building to delay a vote last fall. Bowman pleaded guilty and took a mild sentence for ripping down signs and pulling an alarm.

He was censured by the House for the behavior in a vote on December 7th. Bowman claimed the pull was accidental due to rushing to make a vote, but camera footage released later showed the congressman ripping down signs that indicated the exit was for emergencies only before pulling the alarm.

Bowman’s latest stunt is the “Hip Hop Power and Justice Task Force,” which will attempt to use rap music to advance leftist politics. In a post to X (formerly Twitter), Bowman announced the launch saying the “taskforce” would use music to create “a more equitable society.”

“Equity” is leftist speak for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) woke policy initiatives. The announcement added that it will seek to address “racial justice,” “economic equality,” and “affordable housing.”

Speaking with reporters at The Hill, Bowman suggested hip-hop has a fundamental goal of eradicating poverty and funding government schools. He also added that police reform and social justice were aspects of the musical genre. He did not mention its frequent use of prostitution, drugs, and other criminal behaviors.

This isn’t the first time leftists have used hip-hop to attempt to manipulate the youth; in 2021 they declared November “Hip Hop History Month.” That followed previous campaigns wherein they attempted to weaponize rap music to propagandize black people into taking experimental injections.

Republican and Democrat support has been divided between famous rappers. Recently Snoop Dogg said he had “nothing but love and respect” for Trump. Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Kodak Black have all endorsed Trump’s 2024 bid.

The Democrats have celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jay-Z in their camp, however.

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