Hundreds Rescued after Devastating Flooding in Houston Area

( – Hundreds of people had to be rescued by emergency services after becoming stranded by floodwater in Texas. Houston and other parts of the state suffered with days of heavy rainfall that began to ease on Monday, May 6th, allowing some to return to their homes after having evacuated. More than 600 people were rescued across Texas, with Gov. Greg Abbott issuing a disaster declaration across 91 affected counties.

According to Abbott, at least three people died in the floods, including a four-year-old boy who died after becoming separated from his parents when their car broke down in flood water. Lucas Warren was found dead near Fort Worth some hours after being pulled away from his mother by the strong flow of water. His parents were both found alive and were taken to the hospital for treatment before being released.

More than 230 people were rescued from the floods along with over 180 pets in the Houston area alone, including some who had to be picked up from rooftops after they climbed to the tops of buildings to escape the rising waters. Authorities had issued several flood warnings and evacuation notices affecting the Houston area which did not see any serious injuries or deaths. Judge Lina Hidalgo, who acts as the top elected official for Harris County where Houston is situated, told the press on Monday that people could see “the light at the end of the tunnel” as the rains began to ease off.

Hidalgo expressed her sadness upon seeing the impact of the floods on people’s homes and livelihoods and asked people to show caution before returning home, although many people refused to leave in the first place. According to Sherriff’s Deputy Darrell Bailey, some people were hesitant to leave their homes and go to a shelter or were afraid that they would have nowhere to go.

Areas of Harris County received up to 17 inches of rainfall over the prior week, and the water levels remain high in many areas.

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