Hunter Biden’s Federal Trial Kicks Off after Deal Collapse

( – First Son Hunter Biden’s trial began in earnest on Tuesday, June 4th, as prosecutors accuse him of illegally purchasing a gun while in the throes of a dire drug addiction.

The surviving son of President Joe Biden stands accused of lying on federal forms in order to secure the purchase of a firearm in late 2018. According to prosecutors, he told a federal gun dealer that he did not use drugs, despite being addicted to narcotics at the time.

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to three federal charges. His attorney told the Delaware court that his client could not be considered guilty because he did not believe himself to be addicted to drugs when filling out the paperwork. Attorney Abbe Lowell also said that he only kept the gun for a short time and made no use of it, never even loading it.

Prosecutors argued that he only kept the firearm for a brief period because his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, took the weapon away from him and threw it in a public trashcan. It was later found by a member of the public and turned in to the police. Hallie, who is reported to have had a brief relationship with Hunter following the death of her husband, was shown to have texted him the day after he bought his gun. He replied that he was “smoking crack” and appeared to give her his location.

The court was shown the laptop that Hunter Biden famously left in a repair shop and whose contents were leaked not long before the 2020 presidential election. Some of the laptop contents shared with jurors included a video of a shirtless Hunter apparently weighing crack cocaine on a set of scales as well as conversations with people suspected of dealing drugs. Another semi-nude video showed the now 54-year-old smoking a substance from a pipe.

Prosecutor Derek Hines told jurors that they would soon hear from Hallie Biden, ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan, and ex-wife Katherine Buhle that Hunter’s addiction saw him smoking crack every quarter hour at some points in 2018. Hines also pointed to large and unexplained withdrawals of cash throughout that year, saying that it had the hallmark of money withdrawn to pay for illegal drugs.

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